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move melodically through time and space, to vibrant surroundings, a new place... We have translated 20 years of friendship into sweet melodic tones, unspoken. The inspirations for these charming, passionate melodies are borrowed from Mother Nature: scapes of sea and land; brilliant beacons, placid shores, radiant sunsets, and eerie moon rises. We proudly share these visions with you, and wish the music connects you to life, nature and self...

Avril's Dance
When dogwoods bloom…

The Rainbow Connection
Somehow, we are all cosmically joined by a surreal spectrum of screaming colours.

Painted Sunset
Over any sea, from the sparkling sugar coated Caribbean to the indigo and fuchsia fireworks reflecting on the Long Island Sound at Horton Point.

Life in a New England Nautical Town
Last Train to Hale-Bopp

Charming are the harbour villages from Greenport to Boothbay. Each guarding a secret past, through their everyday hospitality.

Recess·Return to Playground
Retracing Footsteps: The Memories of Yesteryear

Remember the slides, the swings, monkey bars? Revisit some day, at any age, your childhood playground. There's a whole new perspective from atop that midflight swing… See and feel things as you never have.

Voyage/Lost at Sea
Peace and struggle: Life of any society, persecuted group, or one person; yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Leaf, Snowflake
When the brisk blowing breeze yields a lifeless land. Leaves finish dancing to the ground, only to be blanketed by early season snow. >Listen

Thinking of June
Renewed life, love discovered, my friend, caretaker and hero, thank you. >Listen

Before the Dawn / When We Met
A restless night. Moments before the sun bursts over the horizon and looms into view, everything comes alive….

Folks who have enjoyed our music find it very inspiring, uplifting and magical. The pieces are rich with melody, lush instrumentation and captivating sounds that take you on journey to worlds otherwise unexplored... We invite you to enjoy the spiritual voyage... >

beautiful new age tunes by donald e casale ii & philip paranicas
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