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limitless expression
hicksbridge entertainment is your portal to our pathos; the gateway into our artistic universe. proudly, nobody or nothing stands between you and our creative relm. we invite you to cross the bridge, join us on our journey, expand your mind, release your soul, enjoy our music

meet us on the other side to discover over two decades of friendship, amazing exploration and adventurous discovery living as inspiring melodic tunes. with headphones on, witness mysterious corners of our world, breathtaking landscapes, captivating points existence. memories are melodies, arrangements are road maps, instruments are tour guides

sights, sounds, senses we enjoy sharing more than new age tunes: hicksbridge connects you to our prose, poetry and photos of inspiring destinations, reflecting memories of magnificent land and seascapes - from tropical puerto rico to marvelous nova scotia; captivating california to charming new england, and our fascinating long island homeland... our mysterious poetry and random splashes of artistry live throughout, and our melodies remain unspoken >

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new age tunes

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