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Distribution & Airplay News

  • We've played on FM across the country: on local New York radio stations, in Louisiana, and Alaska, and many other places including Japan and Spain.

  • We will digitally distributed at the following on-line stores. This is a great way to buy individual tracks!: Apple iTunes, Emusic.com, BuyMusic.com, Rhapsody/Listen.com, AOL's MusicNet, AudioLunchbox.com, eMePe3.com
  • Anne Williams of Nightscapes/BostonPete.com, reaching millions of global listeners, celebrated Autumn with the musings of Henry David Thoreau. She read a wonderful seasonal passage over the crisp and poignant tones of our tune, Leaf, Snowflake.
  • Going Global! Casale and Paras has played on air in the US, Japan, Spain, Canada and Alaska. We are growing popular on Internet Radio stations broadcasting around the world, including Nightscapes, GotRadio.com, Internet Oasis Radio, Moods of the Moon, Radiononbiri and many others... (Nightscapes is available on your MSN media player. Just go to New Age, then BostonPete.com!)
  • We've Shipped 100's of CD's reaching almost every state in the US, and abroad including: Canada, England, Scotland, Australia, Greece, Belarus, Hong Kong, Japan, and many other corners of the world
  • Ben D., founder of newagereporter.com, reports, "I HEARD HIM PLAY YOUR CD ON THE AIR!!! Welcome to the airwaves." Ben was kind enough to inform of us of our FM debut!
  • You can find us on newagereporter.com, cdbaby.com, mp3.com, amazon.com, soundclick.com, musicsearch.com and many other reputable music portals and distributors on the web.i

Quotes from DJs

  • "Wonderful... Great album! Perfect..."
    ~ J.L. Bueno, host of "La Otra Musica", which airs on FM radio in Spain
  • "All I can say is "WOW!!!!!!" ~ Anne Williams, Nightscapes Radio
  • "the ratings are already very good by the listeners which is unusual in such a short period of time with my very diverse crowd." Steve Parente, The Smiling Ear Radio on Live365.com
  • "I am receipt of "Unspoken". It is quite lovely and it will be a pleasure to feature this cd on my new radio site." ~ Val Starr, Founder of Choiceradio and GotRadio.com
  • "I look forward to sharing a few tracks with my listeners!"
    ~ Jeff Martin, host of Earth Feeling, Love FM Radio, Fukuoka, Japan & Radiononbiri


  • We've held at least one top 10 position on gotradio.com's New Age station since it's inception this June for siz months. One track remained at number one, and often, two tracks were charting top 10 at the same time. (GotRadio.com is available to millions of listeners around the world via MSN's Media Player. You'll find it under New Age Radio.)
  • unspoken debuted at #2 on the New Age Album Charts at mp3.com.au. We still hold Top 10 positions in New Age Categories, and even held #1 for a few weeks!
  • 2 unspoken tracks played on the Best of 2002 editions of
    WTUL's Cheezmuzik
    program, with Scott Smith >1
    > II
  • Two tracks from unspoken charted on soundclick.com's New Age Charts for months, one lasted over a year.
  • Thinking of June is featured on findacure.org, the official website of the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund. (the mother of all the acting Baldwins)
  • Unspoken has been featured on newagereporter.com, the site dedicated to promoting the new age music industry. Our friend Ben, the site's founder, is a fan that says, "You've got some stunning pictures on your site."

From Our Fans

  • Our friend Quark from Hong Hong writes: "I would say with no doubt that listening to your music is an enjoyable experience. It is so relaxing~ Among the three songs that I can download from your webpage, I like Avril's Dance most! The sense of relaxation runs through my whole body everytime I listen to it. I would like to say thank you for making such a beautiful music.
  • "I take two copies... one for the car, one for home!" said Mary K. (She did actually purchase two copies... Thanks Mary!)
  • "Very relaxing." - says Sue "Peaceful, dreamy" - Tom
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed it... a very uplifting experience!" - states Penny D., a good friend and one of our first fans
  • "Phil, I just finished listening to the 3 songs I was able to download and all I can say is--you are a very talented and deep person. What beautiful songs. I need to listen to music like this. It had a very calming affect on me. I think I'll turn off the tube at bedtime and turn on the tunes instead. Thanks so much for sharing it." - Anna Weeks...
  • "Had a quick minute and listened to Avril's dance...very beautiful." - Frank M.
  • I enjoyed your music. I can't wait to listen to it when sailing. Good luck on your musical journey! - Mary D.
  • "The packaging is fantastic." exclaims Joe K.
  • "Just listened to leaf, snowflake...another beauty. Very serene and soothing sounds." - Frank M.
  • Random Selection of Authentic Quotes from many listeners > "I love this CD, thank you so much" • "nice CD thanks so much" • : ) "excellent" • "Had to get another to pass on! Love this disc!" • "Better than expected!" • "Great" • "Nice" • "Really love this CD - I would definately recommend!" • "wonderful" "I love the C.D.!" • "Great item, great service." Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!!"

We started with a simple goal: to share our music with the world. Already, unspoken is enjoyed across the country and the world, as close as Sound Beach and Bayport, from New England to the Deep South, from Montauk, New York, to San Francisco, California, and even as far as Greece, Guam, Alaska, Canada, Japan, Spain and beyond!

Thank you DJs, fans, friends and all supporters!

Artwork note: All of the photos on this website were taken by philip paranicas (paras)

>> Stay tuned... COOLER perpetually evolves!

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