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ie donald e casale ii & philip g paranicas

at age 8, we met on hick's bridge, in our hometown of Westbury, a community for all seasons. the idea of collaborating on a musical project was born in our long island treehouse, about four years later... decades later, the dreams are realized, and so exists unspoken

the son of a music industry professional, don spent more youthful hours in a recording studio than other kids did on swings or monkeybars. while don was banging on drums and playing his grandmother's unique turn-of-the-century piano, phil too had learned to work the keys; partially through lessons, mostly through self-instruction. phil was always in the company of music as his motherís stereo never stopped, and his grandfather enjoyed his collection of over 100,000 long play records, mostly classical

throughout our childhood, we exchanged songs, swapped sheet music, mainly tv themes, and developed our talents and tastes... we miss those days

today, long after our treehouse has vanished, we sing through voices, unspoken. We invite you to listen >

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beautiful new age tunes by donald e casale ii & philip paranicas
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